Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Our Industry -- Must read!!! RT

In post of recent events within our industry it's made me see more of who/what people really are. 
Remember there's 3 sides to every story. 
Hers, his, and the truth. 

Whether you agree, disagree or are indifferent. Pictures DONT LIE. 
Some of the remarks from some industry people are just cruel and inhumane. 
I'm really shocked at this as coming from what we call the  "adult industry". 
It's ok to have an opinion. Sure I get that. But really if this was your close friend, sister, daughter or even mother, would you still have the same ill thoughts? I don't think so. Now is defiantly NOT the time to toss around negative words or accusations. 
What has impressed me is those that have chosen to set their opinions aside good or bad and see this is a human being that needs us/our support. The outpour of support shows unity. Remember we are all in this together. In one way or another. On one level or another. BE KIND. 

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