Friday, June 13, 2014

GOOD READ- PLEASE for the sake of my industry DO YOUR PART IN Thank You

I wrote this to an assemblyman this morning:

I am writing to voice my opposition to AB 1576. 
I reach out to you today to encourage you to vote "NO" on AB 1576. 

As a performer in the adult entertainment industry, I do not support this Unfair Bill. Ive been in the industry going on almost 5 years actively, testing monthly until most currently testing twice a month. I've not had an "ISSUE".  I'm a mature adult and am able to make conscious decisions in my path of employment as well as with my body. I believe that the testing that is currently in place is sufficient for our industry and it works. We test upwards of 24+ times a year. The average citizen test one time. If that.

If this does indeed happen YOU as well as OTHERS will take away that right. With a state thats in the deficit, trying to run a multi billion dollar industry out is not sensible nor logical. The state will be spending money in the wrong place. 

As a Tax Paying, Law Abiding Citizen would you like your rights to be stripped? The answer is NO! Neither do I! 

While those that are not in the industry may believe this is a good idea please understand that not only is this a sight that viewers do not want to see, its VERY uncomfortable for both the male and female performer. With long hours on set even this law is not fool proof. As we all know "condoms break". So where is the security in this? There isn't any. Ultimately what will happen is the adult industry will continue going on underground or move out of state. Again where is the security in this? There isn't any. Things will only become worse for everyone.

In closing please know Im 100% against AB1576. 

Regards, Shay Fox


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