Friday, June 13, 2014

GOOD READ- PLEASE for the sake of my industry DO YOUR PART IN Thank You

I wrote this to an assemblyman this morning:

I am writing to voice my opposition to AB 1576. 
I reach out to you today to encourage you to vote "NO" on AB 1576. 

As a performer in the adult entertainment industry, I do not support this Unfair Bill. Ive been in the industry going on almost 5 years actively, testing monthly until most currently testing twice a month. I've not had an "ISSUE".  I'm a mature adult and am able to make conscious decisions in my path of employment as well as with my body. I believe that the testing that is currently in place is sufficient for our industry and it works. We test upwards of 24+ times a year. The average citizen test one time. If that.

If this does indeed happen YOU as well as OTHERS will take away that right. With a state thats in the deficit, trying to run a multi billion dollar industry out is not sensible nor logical. The state will be spending money in the wrong place. 

As a Tax Paying, Law Abiding Citizen would you like your rights to be stripped? The answer is NO! Neither do I! 

While those that are not in the industry may believe this is a good idea please understand that not only is this a sight that viewers do not want to see, its VERY uncomfortable for both the male and female performer. With long hours on set even this law is not fool proof. As we all know "condoms break". So where is the security in this? There isn't any. Ultimately what will happen is the adult industry will continue going on underground or move out of state. Again where is the security in this? There isn't any. Things will only become worse for everyone.

In closing please know Im 100% against AB1576. 

Regards, Shay Fox


Sunday, March 30, 2014

Update for Aids/LifeCycle 2014-- PLEASE READ

It's come to my attention that my Best Friend that I do the Aids/Lifecycle with has sold his house, is moving across country, starting a new job and won't be partaking in this years ride. With that being said... I won't do it alone.. I'm sad & I'm going to miss him. But unless I can find someone that I'm willing to spend the 7days with (that I actually like enuff to do so).. I won't do it either.  I don't like doing things alone w people I don't know. Especially for that long. It was our thing to do together.. Thanks EVERYONE who donated. YOUR DONATION WILL STILL GO TO THE CAUSE. Thanks for your understanding as well. XX 

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Last day of the ride Ventura to LA 61.9miles

Pretty excited for today. In no time Ill be home. Pretty excited. Just a few short 61 miles to the finish line. OY!! Got ready drank my daily shake and out the door to get more ibuprofen.
I've got to do this. More coast line riding today only with a shit ton of cars and people. The ocean is beautiful. So beautiful. I wish I could have enjoyed it more but I had to pay extra attention to the other hazards like other people. I rode and rode and rode some more. Skipped rest stop 1 got to lunch filled w water used the rest room and was on my way. I think I came into the lunch rest stop rider #748!! There was defiantly fire under my feet to get home!! Got to Malibu which can I add is long as hell. But I kept thinking I'm in Malibu. I'm almost home!!! Yeah wrong it was the longest stretch of the day. But just past that was the ice cream stop. Don't think for a moment I didn't stop for that one!! Yum Ice Cream makes everything better. The city if commerce comes out every year to serve us all ice cream. What a fantastic idea if I don't say so myself.. Here's a pict of  drag queen that was there 
Her name was Ginger. It's amazing all the support from each community we ride thru. From farmers to businesses to just people showing support. Gives me so much inspiration.
Riding on only one more hill. Peddle peddle push push . I reach the top!! Finally LA. Oh how I've missed you. With only a few miles more, I stop to text my friends that were meeting me at the finish line. Mounted my bike and peddled like a crazy woman. To the finish line.
My friends were there with big hugs for me. I started to cry a little.
 I did it. I can't believe it. While I didn't ride the whole 545 miles I did my very best. Next time Ill know what to expect and train. This isn't by any means for the weak minded. 
Thank you all from the bottom of my heart for standing by me and showing me love and support thru this whole journey. My heart grew tremendously from this. 
XX Shay 

Post # 6 Lompoc to Ventura 86 miles

445 am wake up, get ready for the day. Get back to the campground grab some ibuprofen and get yet more tape on my knees. I'm starting to feel as tho my whole legs are gonna be taped by the end of this ride. 
Here's a pict of the medical guy
Er Um girl that taped me :) 
Get to my bike and saddle up for today's long ride. It's gonna be the longest ride I've done yet. We leave camp and head to another huge hill. It's really doing a number on my knees. I keep going. As I'm bout a quarter of the way up I wanted to quite. With my knees hurting so terribly bad I was almost gonna throw up. I got off my bike and started to walk it. I was gonna wait for a sweeper( a vehicle that comes and gets us to take us to the next rest stop) but I kept walking. Riders passing me I was getting nowhere fast. So I mounted my bike and kept going. Remembering the day before that after a few hours that pain would diminish. I didn't quit! With only one day left I wanted desperately to do the last to days. Up up up and finally over the hill I drop onto the freeway highway 101 or we call it PCH highway. I'm not super excited to ride the freeways along side of big rig trucks and speeding cars. But I did. Finally I drop onto the coast line. It's cold, misty, but incredibly beautiful. My goal was to get to the end. I past the first 2 rest stops with out stopping and peddled on. To lunch I go!! 
At each of the lunch rest stops the Roadies do something fun. Today was the games show the Dating Game. 
It was pretty funny to say the least. Oh did I forget to mention it was RED DRESS DAY? Yes we all dressed in
Red to make awareness thru the towns we were riding thro. I mean if 2200 riders don't make that statement already!! None the less seeing everyone dressed up in all kinds of different outfits was fun too. You know the queens and princesses LOVE to play dress up so you can only imagine.. I plunged on skipping rest stop 3 & only stopped for water at 4. Onward to the end I made it!!! Yessss 
Dropped my bike. walked to my hotel, ran a bath, ordered room service and went to bed, This girl was beat! 

Post #5 Santa Maria to Lompoc

Today's ride was round 41 or so miles. They some more hills and valleys. With my knees in pain bout the first hour and half, that transferred to the bum area! Who would have ever known all of us would inevitably end up w a chaffed bum area. All in all that's what hurts the most consistently. This is something you'd never know because everyone is still so happy. As we pull off the long road into a campground drop our bike, grab our baggage we head to the hotel. 
You see camping everyday is an option for all riders I just can't see putting up  a tent each night and taking it down in the morning. Plus I wanted a tub and bed!! Without room service to me is camping!! Lol 
So we are walking out of the camp grounds, and saw a lady pushing 2 kittens (1 yr)  and a bunny in a stroller. Might have been the sweetest thing ever. None of the little animals were trying to get out they were just enjoying the ride. So the story goes that the little bunny raised the 2 kittens!! 
The lady said one of the kittens was for adoption. 
So guess who might have a new baby cat soon?? ME!  As a kid growing up I had a cat that looked EXACTLY like this one. She melted my heart. I'm such a lover for animals and children. We've exchanged info. Will follow up more on this one... Stay tuned for updates 

Oh I forgot to share this nice bruise from my one of many falls. She's a good one and gets darker by the day! 

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Day 4 Paso Robles to Santa Maria 99miles

Today I electively chose not to ride because of the length of he ride and condition of my knees. Left knee felt great while right knee pain in a different area. Back for more tape. I have to listen to what my body tells me. Back at it tomorrow. :)) 

Day 3 long City to Paso Robles 66 miles

I woke up today knees feeling much better. Get dressed, head to my bike to set out to the road path called, "QUAD BUSTER." 
It was just that!! I waited and waited for it to come. With little hill I thought, that must have been it. Tho off in the distance I saw only BIG mountain ridge line. Where could it be? 
Peddled more and more. And there it was bout a mile down the road. It didnt seem so huge until I got almost all the way to the top. Knees still holding on but I can feel em.. Then I lost momentum, started to slow. Then all the sudden was this lovely Queen!! 
As said to her, nice rack( she had a bra top on). She then said is your bike ok? Yes I replied. She said oh GURLLLL you can't quite!! We are gonna do this together stay on that saddle here we go. She literally pushed me like a city block and a half RUNNING behind me. It was outta control hilarious. People were laughing and cheering. So funny. Up over the hill I went and down the other side. I'm learning to relax more on down hills. Making the ride faster and better :)
Road past the next two rest stops restless to get to stop #4. This was supposed to be the best stop of all week. Head winds starting to build, roads horribly bumpy and with holes, I turn into the last rest stop on the day. Here is what I saw... 
Another amazingly funny drag queen. Omg I almost fell off my unicorn, oh I mean bike. Lol 
Inside were bout 6 more hamming it up. They put on a fun little drag show. The best part was this particular rest stop was at a Monastery. Another thing that help the community with donations from all the riders help to rebuild the place, roof, landscaping etc.  again yet another reason to be proud of such event. 

Best Bart was they father of this monastery was out being social with all the riders. I wish I could have gotten a picture of him in all his glory laughing, socializing, and being ever so thankful for us being there. 
Winds picked up now even harder then before. So I canned the last 11 miles.. The knees just couldn't take it. Time to get back to camp, grab clothes and off I went to my hotel(princess style) for the night. Tomorrow Ill see  how I feel. One thing I do wish is that I  hadn't committed to so many things so close together and just trained for this ride. Oh well. Next time I know. G'nite