Sunday, June 9, 2013

Post # 6 Lompoc to Ventura 86 miles

445 am wake up, get ready for the day. Get back to the campground grab some ibuprofen and get yet more tape on my knees. I'm starting to feel as tho my whole legs are gonna be taped by the end of this ride. 
Here's a pict of the medical guy
Er Um girl that taped me :) 
Get to my bike and saddle up for today's long ride. It's gonna be the longest ride I've done yet. We leave camp and head to another huge hill. It's really doing a number on my knees. I keep going. As I'm bout a quarter of the way up I wanted to quite. With my knees hurting so terribly bad I was almost gonna throw up. I got off my bike and started to walk it. I was gonna wait for a sweeper( a vehicle that comes and gets us to take us to the next rest stop) but I kept walking. Riders passing me I was getting nowhere fast. So I mounted my bike and kept going. Remembering the day before that after a few hours that pain would diminish. I didn't quit! With only one day left I wanted desperately to do the last to days. Up up up and finally over the hill I drop onto the freeway highway 101 or we call it PCH highway. I'm not super excited to ride the freeways along side of big rig trucks and speeding cars. But I did. Finally I drop onto the coast line. It's cold, misty, but incredibly beautiful. My goal was to get to the end. I past the first 2 rest stops with out stopping and peddled on. To lunch I go!! 
At each of the lunch rest stops the Roadies do something fun. Today was the games show the Dating Game. 
It was pretty funny to say the least. Oh did I forget to mention it was RED DRESS DAY? Yes we all dressed in
Red to make awareness thru the towns we were riding thro. I mean if 2200 riders don't make that statement already!! None the less seeing everyone dressed up in all kinds of different outfits was fun too. You know the queens and princesses LOVE to play dress up so you can only imagine.. I plunged on skipping rest stop 3 & only stopped for water at 4. Onward to the end I made it!!! Yessss 
Dropped my bike. walked to my hotel, ran a bath, ordered room service and went to bed, This girl was beat! 

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