Sunday, June 9, 2013

Last day of the ride Ventura to LA 61.9miles

Pretty excited for today. In no time Ill be home. Pretty excited. Just a few short 61 miles to the finish line. OY!! Got ready drank my daily shake and out the door to get more ibuprofen.
I've got to do this. More coast line riding today only with a shit ton of cars and people. The ocean is beautiful. So beautiful. I wish I could have enjoyed it more but I had to pay extra attention to the other hazards like other people. I rode and rode and rode some more. Skipped rest stop 1 got to lunch filled w water used the rest room and was on my way. I think I came into the lunch rest stop rider #748!! There was defiantly fire under my feet to get home!! Got to Malibu which can I add is long as hell. But I kept thinking I'm in Malibu. I'm almost home!!! Yeah wrong it was the longest stretch of the day. But just past that was the ice cream stop. Don't think for a moment I didn't stop for that one!! Yum Ice Cream makes everything better. The city if commerce comes out every year to serve us all ice cream. What a fantastic idea if I don't say so myself.. Here's a pict of  drag queen that was there 
Her name was Ginger. It's amazing all the support from each community we ride thru. From farmers to businesses to just people showing support. Gives me so much inspiration.
Riding on only one more hill. Peddle peddle push push . I reach the top!! Finally LA. Oh how I've missed you. With only a few miles more, I stop to text my friends that were meeting me at the finish line. Mounted my bike and peddled like a crazy woman. To the finish line.
My friends were there with big hugs for me. I started to cry a little.
 I did it. I can't believe it. While I didn't ride the whole 545 miles I did my very best. Next time Ill know what to expect and train. This isn't by any means for the weak minded. 
Thank you all from the bottom of my heart for standing by me and showing me love and support thru this whole journey. My heart grew tremendously from this. 
XX Shay 

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