Sunday, June 9, 2013

Post #5 Santa Maria to Lompoc

Today's ride was round 41 or so miles. They some more hills and valleys. With my knees in pain bout the first hour and half, that transferred to the bum area! Who would have ever known all of us would inevitably end up w a chaffed bum area. All in all that's what hurts the most consistently. This is something you'd never know because everyone is still so happy. As we pull off the long road into a campground drop our bike, grab our baggage we head to the hotel. 
You see camping everyday is an option for all riders I just can't see putting up  a tent each night and taking it down in the morning. Plus I wanted a tub and bed!! Without room service to me is camping!! Lol 
So we are walking out of the camp grounds, and saw a lady pushing 2 kittens (1 yr)  and a bunny in a stroller. Might have been the sweetest thing ever. None of the little animals were trying to get out they were just enjoying the ride. So the story goes that the little bunny raised the 2 kittens!! 
The lady said one of the kittens was for adoption. 
So guess who might have a new baby cat soon?? ME!  As a kid growing up I had a cat that looked EXACTLY like this one. She melted my heart. I'm such a lover for animals and children. We've exchanged info. Will follow up more on this one... Stay tuned for updates 

Oh I forgot to share this nice bruise from my one of many falls. She's a good one and gets darker by the day! 

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