Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Day 3 long City to Paso Robles 66 miles

I woke up today knees feeling much better. Get dressed, head to my bike to set out to the road path called, "QUAD BUSTER." 
It was just that!! I waited and waited for it to come. With little hill I thought, that must have been it. Tho off in the distance I saw only BIG mountain ridge line. Where could it be? 
Peddled more and more. And there it was bout a mile down the road. It didnt seem so huge until I got almost all the way to the top. Knees still holding on but I can feel em.. Then I lost momentum, started to slow. Then all the sudden was this lovely Queen!! 
As said to her, nice rack( she had a bra top on). She then said is your bike ok? Yes I replied. She said oh GURLLLL you can't quite!! We are gonna do this together stay on that saddle here we go. She literally pushed me like a city block and a half RUNNING behind me. It was outta control hilarious. People were laughing and cheering. So funny. Up over the hill I went and down the other side. I'm learning to relax more on down hills. Making the ride faster and better :)
Road past the next two rest stops restless to get to stop #4. This was supposed to be the best stop of all week. Head winds starting to build, roads horribly bumpy and with holes, I turn into the last rest stop on the day. Here is what I saw... 
Another amazingly funny drag queen. Omg I almost fell off my unicorn, oh I mean bike. Lol 
Inside were bout 6 more hamming it up. They put on a fun little drag show. The best part was this particular rest stop was at a Monastery. Another thing that help the community with donations from all the riders help to rebuild the place, roof, landscaping etc.  again yet another reason to be proud of such event. 

Best Bart was they father of this monastery was out being social with all the riders. I wish I could have gotten a picture of him in all his glory laughing, socializing, and being ever so thankful for us being there. 
Winds picked up now even harder then before. So I canned the last 11 miles.. The knees just couldn't take it. Time to get back to camp, grab clothes and off I went to my hotel(princess style) for the night. Tomorrow Ill see  how I feel. One thing I do wish is that I  hadn't committed to so many things so close together and just trained for this ride. Oh well. Next time I know. G'nite

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