Monday, June 3, 2013

Day #2 Santa Cruz to King City

I didn't ride today. Had to stop. My knee was getting progressively worse by the peddle. :( Hopefully I can continue tomorrow . I slept with an ace bandage type thing on both knees cuz I kno they are bad. The whole rest of my body was surprisingly okay and not to sore. Got up and ready ready, got my bike and barely made it thru 2 lights . Turned round , hobbled back, was able to get my bag to get normal clothes. Changed returned my bike and now On my way to the next camp on a tour bus. Next stop King City. 

King City. The camp ground is gorgeous, weather is mild and warm. The smell of pine trees, railroad tracks, old out house,  old tractors, poison oak, and little bunnies make it quite country like. I have to had it to the AIDS LIFECYCLE people for such organization. From the food stations, medical- sports med/chiropractic-massage tents, to the bike station, baggage retrieval, camp store, restroom/sanitizing areas etc etc they have nailed it!! After all it's hard to look after 2200 Queens & Princesses.  I'm proud & lucky to be part of this. 

 I found out yesterday my bike seat was 2.5 to high. Which I had a feeling it was. Which put extra stress on my lower back, hands, and over extending my knees. Bikes fixed now but my knee is jacked . :(
Waiting to see medical at 2pm. 

Just saw both the Dr and a Sports Therapist. Good news. It's not as bad as I thought. They did a few different stretching manuvers and the final was putting kinesiology type tape on both knees. 
Feels a bit better. With great hope that I ride tomorrow. Until then I just relax and enjoy the experience.  Until tomorrow :) 

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