Saturday, June 1, 2013

Arrived in SF today

At 245am I woke to finish packing my stuff and shower for the short trek to San Francisco. Arrived. The weather a beautiful sunny bout 72 degrees. Watched the orientation video. It was both welcoming and touching. Went to get our numbers for our bikes then off to the bikes. I gotta tell you there so many people here that are brave and courageous. It's amazing. I forgot how genuine and nice folks from all walks pf life that are involved. One line lead to another to another. Finally we are done. Next is the team dinner where we all met other team riders. It was at a little French place. I over stuffed myself. Bout to shower then bedtime as we have to be up n out the door for opening ceremonies by 5am.. You know, I gotta get myself a little fancy before I start this venture. That's how I roll. Ttyl XX Shay

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