Thursday, September 8, 2011

My phone call with BRAZZERS today. BRAVO to them!!!

 As many have heard, theres been another recent HIV scare within the industry causing lots of controversy. That test has since come back as a false positive. Meaning the performer did not have HIV. Last Oct there was a scare that unfortunately came back as a positive. I had to rethink my journey in the industry. Ive only been in the industry just over a year.  We all know and agree that there IS risk in this job. As long as we know that going in and do everything we can as individuals, there is no surprises. No one makes us do what we do. With that being said, Last Oct I came up with this idea in my head.. I think all performers in the industry need to test every 15 instead of every 30 days. There needs to either be a group sort of discount (meaning all sex workers) given to us to make it affordable to test more often or as need be with the labs OR have the production companies do a split type arrangement with the labs production company and performer . What that will do is make the gap even smaller to HELP prevent such scares. Its not a fool proof solution, but it will help catch things far before the 30 day testing. Today I spoke and arranged a shoot with BRAZZERS and much to my surprise, they have implemented  that idea. WAY TO GO BRAZZERS!!BRAVO!! I Sincerely hope this manner of doing business spreads throughout all the companies. For the sakes of making our industry safer. Looking forward to my shoot with them. Thanks for reading. XXOO Shay

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